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Diagram World Map

Plant hydraulics

We study – using remote sensing, models, and stand-scale data – how the flow of water through plants affects the dynamics of evapotranspiration and photosynthesis.

diagram of effects of soil moisture in California

Remote sensing of vegetation water content

Our work focuses on the applications of vegetation water content determined from radar or radiometry.

Diagram of soil precipitation

The effects of small-scale trait variability on regional-scale ecosystem behavior

Our group studies the ‘effective ecosystem-scale’ ecosystem traits that account for all the small-scale variability and represent differences in behavior at intermediate stand-scales.

Diagram of machine-learning based LFMC retrievals from microwave and optical data

Wildfire dynamics

We use remote sensing data and machine learning to study how drought affects wildfires.

Diagram of soil moisture vs burned areas with Ignition probability

Water-carbon coupling in tropical ecosystems

This work focuses on understanding the seasonal variability of water uptake and evapotranspiration in the Congo river basin and the interplay between anthropogenic hydrolic & land use change, and fire in Insular Southeast Asia.