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June 20, 2021

Paula is an undergraduate at UC Berkeley. She will be working with Nathan and Meng to understand the (in)consistencies between active and passive remote sensing based estimates of vegetation water content.

June 15, 2021

Meng recently defended his PhD at UC Irvine, having worked on various applications of GRACE data for understanding drought and vegetation drought response. He has been spending time with the group virtually and it is a delight to have him join officially. Welcome, Meng!

June 14, 2021

Shannon is a biology teacher at Berkeley High School. She will be working with Natan and Lee Anderegg (UCSB) on a meta-analysis of water content - water potential relationships across species

June 11, 2021

Grace Yao graduates from the MS program in CEE and leaves the group to work at Geosyntec. We'll miss you, Grace!

June 1, 2021

Xiangtao Xu (Cornell)'s mammoth paper comparing VOD and hydraulics-enabled ED2 simulations in the Amazon is now published at New Phytologist. Alex is the second author. It has some surprising messages about the large contributions of dew to VOD variations. Be sure also to check out Cynthia Gerlein-Safdi (LBNL)'s very clearly written commentary on the article (and microwave remote sensing of vegetation more generally) here.